Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Things I Like Week: The American Office

Things I Like Week: The American Office

I've gone into detail in print on why I love The American Office. I think when I wrote this article it was only in like the third series and now it's in the seventh and still going strong. Back then I attributed the show's continued success to the development of the supporting characters. I think I was right. The show is at a stage now where some of the so called minor characters are even more interesting than the main characters. *SPOILER ALERT* Next season Michael Scott (the US equivalent of David Brent played by Steve Carrell if you didn't know) is leaving and I'm pretty confident the show will survive what would in any other case be a concept destroying loss. If Andy and Erin's love story is still going by then I'm sure I'll still be on the hook. I guess the only question is who is going to step up as boss? There's been talk of an 'outside hire' as it were but I'm hoping someone will step-up from within. Jim would be the obvious choice but then again The Office rarely go down that route.

Anyway, Series 5 is now showing on Comedy Central. I'm not going to do the hard sell but if you enjoyed the original there's no way it won't be up your alley. For my mind 30 Rock is the only other show on TV competing for sheer quality and laughs per episode.