Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Shocking Not Quite Return of Metro Man

This morning I was writing about the new DreamWorks Animation super-villain comedy Megamind for my monthly film preview column for Gallery. I was getting the usual details - director, writers, stars (This thing has a hell of a cast) and plot synopsis. I was making my notes when I came across a character name that seemed oddly familiar. Megamind's hero nemesis is called Metro-Man. Now I knew I'd heard this somewhere before and despite my encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel and DC Comics I'm pretty sure it wasn't in any comic book. Then it dawned on me. Metro-Man was the super-hero created by male beauty Sam in the 'Create Your Own Super-Hero Character' challenge during Season 3 of the ultimate social experiment Beauty & The Geek. I'm not going to suggest Megamind ripped off the genius of club promoter Sam as their character's power isn't I presume breakdancing and George Hamilton's tanning spray but it's a weird coincidence.

It's nice to see that Sam is still acting. Amazingly enough he was in Little Giants and Boy Meets World.




Adele (hi!) said...

Sam wasn't a geek, he was the twist in that seasons show-- he was the male beauty and the GIRL was the geek!! hahaha

stevelawrence said...

Ooops! Cheers Del. Changed that now. Good old Sam. Big fan of his work.