Friday, 5 November 2010

A-Ha and Welcome Back!

Hello again friends. Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. I've had a few other pressing things come up and press me to do them. So Blatantly the big news of the day is that A-HA Partridge is back!

It is sponsored by Fosters but that hasn't seemed to have changed the output at all. In fact in this day and age I think it makes sense for Alan to have regressed to such a level that he'd only be available on digital radio or on the internet. Hopefully, Lynn or Michael might pop their heads in either that or this could provide a launch pad to a new series. With 'The Trip' starting last Monday on BBC2 it seems there will be lots of Steve Coogan goodness for the weeks to come. This is opposed to roles in questionable films that don't make the most of his undoubted talent.

Speaking of new series Red Dwarf has been commissioned for a new one. To be honest I found the recent Dave specials quite lacking in the kind of bite the old series had but hopefully giving them the luxury of a full series will allow the show to go back to basics.

I'm trying to Tweet more once again. Twit away at me on steveolawrence.

Finally, I have a new follower. Let's all join hands and welcome The Flamingo of Oppression (Great name!) to the fold. Have a good weekend everyone and if you're going to a bonfire please try not to put your face too close to the glowy red stuff.



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Ross said...

80 days around the world is genius.

I could not believe his Hollywood career failed to take off after that!