Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Things I Like Week: Blatant Product Placement

Things I Like Week: Blatant Product Placement

I'm not anti-product placement if that's what it takes for great shoes to stay on the air then let Michael Scott use a Mac or Jack Donaghy eat a McFlurry. When done well it can actually be part of a great joke - Burger King sponsoring scandal makers on Arrested Development and then Ron Howard's narration backing up the great taste of BK. When it's done right the product fills a role in the script rather than the script being made to fit the product.

However, I also quite like it when the product placement is done in a horrifically obvious and quite offensive to our intelligence way. Check out this clip from US Soap 'Days of Our Lives' where two characters are far more concerned with the nutritional advantages of Cheerios than anything as silly as the plot.

Thanks to Ken Levine for bringing this to my attention on his excellent screenwriting blog.



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