Sunday, 27 May 2007

Brothels, Bricks and Religion

So the week of importance is over and now the month of not doing very much can begin. The exams went pretty darn good although the Champions League final obviously didn't. I really get a kick out of writing about William Blake under restricted time conditions. I also managed to write about incest in both exams, can any of you people doing science degrees say that? Can you? CAN YOU?

Cuba is good on a friday night. Lots of tasty Hip Hop / Rap and £1 bottles. Finally a real challenger in the Cartmel Soccer AM Dance Off has emerged. Bring it on Thommo.

Shipwrecked has been strung out for another week. So many mixed emotions. I want to know who wins, I want the Tigers to win but I don't want it to end. Lianne, Naomi, Francesca... all you ridiculously good looking girls in bikinis, I will miss you. SO MUCH. Maybe I will apply to be on in 2009. I hope its still going then. I think I'd be an excellent Shipwrecker. I tan amazingly (You've seen it) and I have survival skills that would make Ray Mears blush.

Last night we watched Children Of Men. Amazing film. The word I would use is relevant. Totally political to the max.

There is not much going on this week. I will most likely be sitting in the garden in my green chair. I have a spare if anyone wants to come catch some rays and discuss my interests.



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