Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Jermaine Pennant

Sonny Valentine the beloved Hollyoaks character played by beloved Liverpool winger Jermain Pennant has been fired from the show for his apparent lateness. It is truly a sad day for university students all over the land. Let's remember the good times; him and Justin with their wacky get rich quick schemes, his queer bashing and his most recent scenes of a sexual nature with the least attractive of the McQueen sisters. I just wish he could have had the send off he deserved. Going to Dorset is not an exciting way to leave a soap. They should have just said Warren killed him. Jermaine you will be missed.

The gypsies have arrived on Lancaster Campus Rugby Pitches. I shit you not.

Lots going on at the moment. Most of you have probably heard the mental Liberation Day story by now! Revision must take precedent.



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