Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Rice Rice Baby

I just had a bowl of Ricicles and it has got me thinking. Why do people ever buy Rice Krispies instead of Ricicles. What is the point? Maybe if they had a better toy but more often than not they have the same toy. Rice Krispies are just a boring and less tasty Ricicles. Also they have three weird dwarves on the box instead of a kick ass space ranger action hero. The only reason I can think of for buying Rice Krispies ahead of Ricicles is if someone has no taste buds and buys cereal on the basis of how it sounds. But then why not listen to a Chris De Burgh CD whilst having breakfast?

Next time you see me I might have less hair.

Whatever happened to OPM? You remember 'Heaven is a Halfpipe' and if your anything like me 'El Capitan'. Looking at their Wikipedia entry I don't think they're going to back in the mainstream any time soon. How sad.



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