Sunday, 6 May 2007

Jermaine has gone to Dorset

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. It was awesome. At my local comic shop (aka the stall in the market) Andy Diggle was talking and signing and not only did I get my hands on a copy of pretty much every official free comic book day comic I also got a number of copies of his Adam Strange and The Losers (FOR FREE!). So thank you Andy Diggle and a Happy belated Free Comic Book Day to all.

I am kind of a big deal. Well not really. But for some reason BBC Radio Jersey wanted to ask my opinions on Liberation Day. I talked about freedom and sacrifice and the importance of continuing to celebrate the day with BBQs and other fun things. At one point I was asked what I was up to at the moment, I replied sunbathing. She was asking about university. Anyway, I havn't actually heard the interview but if anyone did, what did you think? My grandparents liked it but then again they like Arsene Wenger so I'm not sure how much their opinion counts.

Lancaster Fried Chicken has arrived... and it's a hell of a lot better than Morecambe Fried Chicken. I sampled the delights last night and I would recommend you pay them a visit. That is unless your a vegetarian. Vegetarians are not allowed to eat fried chicken, so don't even try.

Several of the headline acts for Jersey Live have been announced... The Fratellis, DJ Format, Kasabian, The Enemy, The Rakes and The Alter Kicks included. Much more to come, get a ticket, get involved. Speaking of music my brother has turned me onto an incredible band called Birds of Wales. Download 'The Fine Art of Ballet Dancing' if the lyrics don't make you smile then you don't have a soul.

An exciting week has finished on Hollyoaks. Crazy Will getting his comeuppance, Jermaine Pennant getting laid and Darren agreeing to finance a space rocket. Coming up this week... Gilly develops psychic powers with wacky results, Calvin starts a sanctuary for stray cats and Darren wears some truly ridiculous hats. I'm excited, are you?



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