Sunday, 20 May 2007

She's Screwed

After telling everyone not to listen to my betting tips I somehow managed to win the princely sum of eight pounds. What? With none of my scorers playing, nil-nil seemed the only sensible option. I think I'll convert it into Jersey pounds and buy a boat. Either that or the rights to Fergie's London Bridge so I can release my Wayne Bridge re-working of the song.

The new Cribs album is out tomorrow. Not that I've already listened to it loads of times (Wink Wink) but If I was you I would definitely go out and buy at least one copy. Maybe two.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a massively important week. Two exams and a Champions League final. I'm not really feeling tense. If anything my mind is weighed down with other deeper thoughts. (Like what I would look like if I was a girl) Still, by Friday I will be ready to party on down. My reduced alcohol tolerance levels will probably result in said partying turning into quite the drunken farce. I look forward to it.

Jason X was on last night? Did you see it? Invincible serial killer-in space-in the future. I have the poster in our spare room at home. Also can you believe there were FIVE novelizations of this film. FIVE!!!

Does anyone want a semi African child for a week? We have one spare. If you like watching Shrek repeatedly then you're what we're looking for!



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