Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Going Postal

Welcome to the Fortress...

Let's think about movies. There are good movies and bad movies and then there is Uwe Boll.

In the less than stellar field of movies based on computer games he has somehow managed to hit new lows. To be honest I can't think of any good movies based on video games, The Resident Evil films were passable and Mortal Kombat was entertaining (see picture!) but still. Anyway I'm not going to complain about Uwe Boll's past output. There have been petitions to stop him making films. He also had a boxing match against one of his critics. No I'm here to alert people to the next disaster. Uwe Boll is making a film of Postal.

Anyone else remember Postal? We had it a couple of years ago. It was crass and violent but sort of entertaining. It was just about some guy who goes mental and shoots lots of things. It was sort of like how people complain about Grand Theft Auto having never played it imagine it might be except with worse gameplay. Anyway, it isn't really the type of game that calls out for a movie, certainly not one made by Uwe Boll. I mean it doesn't even have a story. Here's the trailer.

It seems as if they are just making the most offensive movie possible. The intro alone mocks the 9/11 plane crashes. All I'm hoping is that the controversy this movie will inevitably stir up doesn't actually help it make money and mean we get more of these terrible movies that are so bad they go beyond so bad they're good and are actually just really bad. Oh and if you want to make a computer game movie someone please make a CGI Mario!

If you want to see a really good movie go and seek out Stranger Than Fiction. A truly original concept beautifully executed with a great cast. What more could you ask for? Oh and if your a student of English Literature you'll probably cream yourself. There's some good borderline pretentious stuff in there.



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