Sunday, 15 April 2007

I wandered lonely as a squirrel

I just watched my first episode of 24. I don't really know exactly what was going on but it was brilliant. Everyone seemed to be making decisions and ultimatums, very exciting. I think I liked it because the storytelling was very similar to the comic book style with the cliffhangers and different plots tying into the larger story arc. It very much reminded me of Brubacker's current run on Captain America. Anyway I'm sure Jack Bauer will save us from those dirty spanish terrorists.

The first song off the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack has been released with a video. It's by Snow Patrol and called Signal Fire. The song is great and the video is just incredible. I would like to be a teacher just so I can force kids to recreate it. Check it out

I'm sure if you have studied English at university level you have encountered Wordsworth's 'Daffodils'. Even if you havn't studied English you'll probably know it. Now if you're anything like me, when you heard the poem you said to yourself 'if any poem could do with a re-working by a rapping squirrel then it is this poem.' I think Double W would be really proud.



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