Thursday, 12 April 2007


Long Island Iced Tea --> Barenaked Ladies - One Week on Karaoke --> 4 Chicago Dollars (Conversion rate of 1 Chicago Dollar = 1 English Pound) --> 2 Tequilas --> Foam Party --> ???
One Week wasn't actually as hard to do as I thought it would be although Barenaked Ladies do make up quite a significant portion of my musical diet. I was also very impressed with the number of times Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend was played last night. It followed us everywhere. Also it seems it is more socially acceptable to like it than I thought.

And this
And this

Jose's t-shirt is not an ironic slogan t-shirt, he was actually soliciting donations on a night out. I wouldn't give him money if I was you. He'll just spend it on tacos or burritos or maybe tequila. Also prizes for anyone who can name the random mandems.

Awesome night.



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matt said...

yeah the guy with long curly hair? (not shane) the people me an jamie played pool with (and they werent pooks) the large amount of people that me u an rhodri ended up foam fighting at the end of the night?!