Sunday, 29 April 2007

He's Got A Killer Body

Zach Braff says it's OK to like Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend!
And if it's OK by Zach then it's OK by me.

And because the Busted version of Year 3000 was too raunchy
Absolutely unbelievable. 'Your great great great grandaughter is doing fine.' Why would you go to the future to check up on someone's great great great grandaughter? You would go to bone her like Busted did. I guess this version does avoid many of the tricky incestual issues raised by the Busted song. Sadly (according to Wikipedia) The Jonas Brothers are without a record label. Anybody want to sign them up?

The Jonas Brothers do not rule. Who does rule?? ROY RULES
If me and Roy did hook up it would be a 24-7 / 69!

Speaking of 24-7 / 69 Machines last night was Dave's birthday and Jenny's birthday celebration. We got our drink on and our gamble on and our dance on. A good night indeed. It even ended in a food fight on the streets of Lancaster. Onion bhajis are good weapons in a food fight as Phil proved.

Today the mighty Cartmel Flames take on Total Football Football Club (aka Cartmel D Team). It may be a friendly but there won't be anything remotely friendly about it. Well, except maybe some friendly banter.

Dave also received Singstar Rocks for his birthday. This house is about to get a whole lot noisier!



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