Monday, 23 April 2007

Great Scott

I hear Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams have been cast as the leads in the film version of The Time Traveller's Wife. Rachel McAdams is super fine and if the film stays true to the novel there should be a number of sex scenes. There will also probably lots of nude Eric Bana and unlike the Hulk he won't have purple pants to cover his junk. The film isn't coming out for a while so I think you should read the book. Go on. You can come and see it with me and we can be all like 'it was good but it lacked the emotional sincerity of the novel.' You know you want to. PS - If it looks like I'm crying, I'm not, there's something in my eye.

The fact that I've mentioned Rachel McAdams means I can feel justified in linking to this.
'I love those cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling.'

Also I'm back in Lancaster now so pop round. We can get fucked up on energy drinks and choreograph a dance in honour of the moon gods.



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